5 Exterior Lighting Ideas to Consider

An outstanding exterior lighting design can make the difference between a boring dark outdoors, and a fabulous stylish outdoor paradise. Your exterior lighting design should be planned with an eye to future functionality. The function of the design should be tailored to your planned use, and can enhance or protect the exterior features of your home. An excellent FL professional lighting design company will understand what is important to you, and will work closely with you, in order to achieve the outcome that you want.

A well-planned exterior lighting design greatly improves a house s visual assets, increases drama, and protects your property from thieves and vandalism. Every shimmering effect rests on a carefully built plan. Here are five efficient landscape lighting solutions to make your ideal outdoor lighting system ever so much better! Professional design professionals understand the unique requirements of residential and commercial properties, and can help you determine your specific lighting needs, while meeting budget and design constraints.

* Exterior flood lighting. This type of exterior lighting design is intended for special events and outdoor weddings, and has different fixtures and lighting requirements than regular outdoor lighting. This is generally done during the Design Review process. Flood lighting creates a relaxing ambiance, and helps guests find their way around your property. It is generally made with metal or fiberglass, and uses low voltage outdoor lighting fixtures.

* Patio or garden lights. These can be placed along pathways, drivewayways, or any other exterior locations where outdoor lighting is needed. Garden lights are generally low voltage landscape lighting designed for outdoor use. They create soft, magical shadows, which complement the flowers and shrubs around them. Garden lights generally have an adjustable voltage source to accommodate the highest and lowest voltages that they accept. These lights should be used as accent lights, and not for purposes of providing adequate lighting to walkways or landscaping.

* Archway lighting. Archway lighting is an interior and exterior lighting design idea, which creates a dramatic entrance or exit to a building. This type of design is usually recommended to businesses and homes that want an attractive entrance, without compromising security. Archway lighting can be as simple or complex as you want it to be. Generally, professional architectural design professionals are the only ones that will be able to assist you in your choice of archway lighting.

* Landscape lighting. Landscape lighting is a great way to compliment architectural designs while still enhancing your yard’s beauty. This type of exterior lighting is generally not recommended to be used for purposes of improving security, unless it is specifically required by the architectural design of the home or business.