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Clarity Speaks of a Crystal Sea by Afton Wilky

When we're ready to see (and sea) the deep weave of our world-making as well as its surface, when our clarity includes the fact of the medium itself, when we speak of our own speaking and acknowledge that material as some large part of what matters to us—then we will be ready to comprehend reality in all its complexity. Afton Wilky's work is to poetry what string theory is for physics; a necessary next step, a way into a world of mutability and possibility, an invitation to participate in meaning-making in the "textureecho," strand by strand, opening after opening, in the churn of a restless semantic evolution, "at the place where sounds intersect." Paronomasia and neologisms find a new fluency where English itself, as Wilky writes, "a pleasure put out to sea," as, awash with a powerful music, this work compels exploration and experiment. It's never been so exquisite to make our way(s) through "the mirror image of letters" as it is in this extraordinary, original, ground-breaking book.

—Laura Mullen

The Problem of Boredom in Paradise: Selected Poems by Paul Hannigan selected Best Poetry of 2013 in The Boston Globe!

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